Digital Signage

We operate a digital signage service across the Blackrock Campus with information screens in the following areas:

General Information Screens:

  • ILTG help desk
  • Student common room
  • Estate services desk
  • Careers centre, D Block
  • Smurfit Lounge (restaurant/canteen)

Specific Purpose Screens:

  • Main Smurfit Lobby (freestanding kiosk)

Smurfit Executive Development

  • Reception area
  • Ground floor central entryway (freestanding kiosk)
  • Ground floor refreshment area
  • Ground floor main stairwell
  • Outside each seminar room

Submitting Information to Display

For best results, information should be submitted in a standard landscape format (portrait images often appear very small/hard to read on larger screens). You are welcome to create content however you like, but for simple notices etc you can simply create a one page slide in PowerPoint (or similar) and export it an an image:

  1. Select a slide, or create a new one in this deck & edit as you like. Once completed, click & select the slide in the list to the left
  2. Click File, then Save As…
  3. Change the format from PowerPoint (*.pptx) to JPEG (*.jpeg)
  4. Choose location, and click Save (If asked which slides to export, select “Just this one”)

Once you have your content ready, please complete the short form below which will submit the request to the ILTG Help desk, with email confirmation. Alternatively, you can email your content directly to – please include the start and end dates for your notice to appear and submit them a minimum of 48 hours before they should first appear.

As standard, we add the content to the daily rotation of information displayed on the General Information Screens listed above. Please advise via the form below if you have a different requirement.

If you are a “frequent” user, perhaps needing to add/remove many notices or do so often, please Contact Us and we would be happy to provide you basic training and access to make these changes yourself.