Eolas is the campus wide digital signage information service for the UCD College of Business, managed by ILTG

All users are asked to comply with the Eolas Content Guidelines

About the Eolas Service

Throughout the Blackrock campus, general information screens are positioned in the following locations

  • ILTG help desk
  • Student common room
  • Estate services desk
  • Careers centre (Block D)
  • Smurfit Lounge (restaurant/canteen)
  • Marketing/Alumni offices (Block D)

Specific Purpose Screens:

  • Main Smurfit Lobby (freestanding kiosk)

Throughout Smurfit Executive Development, Eolas provides information about activities in each room and on each floor. Screens are located in the following locations

  • Reception area
  • Ground floor central entryway (freestanding kiosk)
  • Ground floor refreshment area
  • Ground floor main stairwell
  • Outside each seminar room

For more information on the Eolas service, please Contact Us