Help Desk

Staff and students are welcome to make full use of our help desk all year round. Come and speak with us in person where we can offer technology advice, help to solve your IT issues and you can also borrow equipment. Details of our help desk are available below or you can read more about all of our services.

Getting IT Support

Please email us via – where a new ticket will be opened, and you will receive a confirmation email along with timely updates as we work on your query. If you can’t send an email for any reason, you can open a ticket with our help desk via this form. We also offer a voice message service, please phone extension 8962 (+353 1 7168962).

You are always welcome to visit our help desk and speak to someone in person.

Additionally, during busy term periods, we provide:

  • 30 minute appointment slots at our help desk between 11:00 and 13:00 on Tuesday and Thursday. Optionally, we can arrange to visit your office etc – please book at Occasionally these slots will be not be available to book on certain days due to other work our team is committed to.
  • A one hour drop in clinic from 13:30 – 14:30 on Mondays in the student common room. Open to staff and students, no booking required.

Help Desk Location

Our help desk is located in the Smurfit School of Business, room S123.

Directions (signposted from the lobby):

  1. From the Smurfit School lobby, turn left at the fireplace and enter Copi-Print
  2. Use the door to your right to leave Copi-Print
  3. The ILTG Help desk is located at the end of the hall, on your right hand side

Audio Visual Support

We provide audio visual support for various services and room across the Blackrock Campus.

Please note: The following classrooms in the Smurfit School are part of the University Shared Teaching Spaces Portfolio and so are under the remit of UCD Estate Services for Audio Visual Support and Maintenance, etc:

C201, C301, C302, D101, E101, E102, E117, E201, N111/LT1, N202, N203, N204, N302, N303, N304, Oratory.

All other audio visual facilities on the Blackrock campus are managed by ILTG.

Please see for more information.

Remote Support

Our staff can use remote support software to access your computer when you are in a different physical location, offering additional opportunities for us to assist you.

When we would like to access your computer in this fashion, we will notify you through a ticket update email, including instructions. You remain in charge of the session and can end it at any time, all while supervising our access your machine, if you wish. All internet traffic sent and received in these sessions is encrypted for added security.

Ticket System

Our help desk employs an automatic ticketing system, allowing us to receive queries from multiple sources at any time of the day or night and work through them in and effective and efficient manner. Once you submit your query, a ticket will be opened automatically, and subsequently assigned to a member of our team. You will receive an email for each update and need simply reply as normal to continue the conversation.

Once your query or issue has been addressed to your satisfaction, the ticket will be closed. To re-open a ticket, simply reply to the email. Open a new ticket now.

If you like to make a suggestion about our ticketing system or the associated workflow etc, please offer us feedback here.

NOTE: When interacting with tickets via email, it’s important not to alter the [Ticket #12345] portion of the email subject line. Doing so can mean some messages may not be received as intended.