Eolas Content Guidelines

To allow us meet requirements under GDPR, keep the service free of old content and have the information displayed on the screens be “current”, the following guidelines apply for use of the Eolas service:

  1. All uploaded content must have a start date and an expiry date and be deleted on the expiry date.
    1. Any content not in use which is 6 months or more beyond its expiry date will be deleted.
    2. Any content with no expiry date is liable to be deleted at any point.
  2. Where any content containing personally identifiable information is to be uploaded to the system (e.g. names, photos, contact details) the person uploading or submitting the content must obtain and record the consent of the identifiable individual.
  3. All content must be:
    1. suitable for display in public areas; offensive or inappropriate content should not be uploaded or submitted and may be removed.
    2. of at least general interest or relevance to members of the College of Business community.
    3. in “landscape” orientation (“portrait”/ vertical content is only permitted for the Lobby Kiosk). Portrait content for display on landscape screens shall be removed, and vice-versa.
    4. of reasonable quality so as to be legible etc. when displayed on a large screen and viewed from distance.
    5. saved with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

If you are unsure about the suitability, quality or formatting of any content please Contact Us and we will happily provide some specific advice.