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Network Points

Network points, where you can plug in a network cable for wired network access to your computer, are dotted all across campus, though they are mainly found in staff offices and other “private” spaces.

New/Move Network Points

Occasionally, it is necessary to move an existing network point or have one or more additional points added. While this might seem like a simple procedure, there can sometimes be a more extensive amount of work involved getting the underlying cables from A to B while ensuring the integrity of the eventual network connection at every stage. It is also worth noting that any work required is payable by the person/department making the request, but costs will be known before work proceeds.

ILTG will happily advise on this process and can contact the relevant parties. Please contact us in the first instance.

Broken Network Point

Please contact us and provide information about the issue you are encountering. Please provide the room number where the point is located and the point number (shown below the port) on its label.

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