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Microsoft Project – How to download


If you are eligible for a copy of Microsoft Project, you will have received an email from with a download link and a link to these instructions.

If you have not received this email and believe you should have, please contact us and we can confirm your eligibility.

Download instructions

  1. Click the download link in the email you received from and download the ZIP file to your computer
  2. Double click the ZIP file to open it
  3. Double click the “Install Project 2021.bat” file
    1. Windows should suggest that you extract all of the files before continuing, follow the steps in the presented wizard
    2. Click Extract All
  4. Once all of the files have been extracted, a new window will appear showing these extracted files.
    1. Double click on the “Install Project 2021.bat” file in this NEW window.
  5. A window with a black background will appear with the message “Configuring, please wait…”
    1. Leave this window open indefinitely to allow the download to progress.
  6. Once the next part of the process has begun, a User Account Control window will appear; select “Yes” to allow the installation continue.
  7. A separate Microsoft Office installation window will appear showing the progress of the Microsoft Project installation.
  8. Once complete, run Microsoft Project for the first time and complete the activation process to enable all features of the product.

Basic Troubleshooting

Compatibility Issues

This download method and associated instructions are based on a Windows computer with Microsoft Office installed from Microsoft Office 365 in UCD. If you have a different version of Office installed from another source or by another method, you might encounter compatibility issues. UCD students can download Office for free and then install Project as per the above instructions.

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Please contact us for further assistance.

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