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Across our Audio Visual Equipment Locations, we have a variety of microphones installed and readily available. We also have some other microphones which aren’t installed in any rooms as standard, but can be used for events etc with just a little planning.

Where a room has microphones, they are heard through the room speakers and also work with the Video Conferencing and Lecture Capture Systems (where available). To use other microphones in a room, such as for panel discussion etc please contact us in advance.

Standard Classroom Microphones

NOTE: Not all rooms have the same set of microphones, see here for exact information, per room.

Lectern/Podium Gooseneck MicrophonesGooseneck Microphone

These are fixed the top of the lectern and have an effective “pickup” range of around 1.5 metres directly behind the microphone. They are flexible and can be adjusted freely for angle and height. It is best to find a comfortable position and try to avoid moving away from the microphone while speaking.

There is an on/off button towards the bottom of these microphones. When it’s illuminated red; it’s turned on.


Handheld MicrophonesHandheld Microphone

Our standard handheld microphones are wireless and will work anywhere in their designated room. When using them, it is best to hold them as close as possible to your mouth, and speak as you would face to face with someone. Avoid shouting or attempting to project your voice greatly. Also, be careful not to “talk with your hands” too much, thus moving the microphone away from your mouth erratically.

There is an on/off switch on the base of these microphones. A red light indicates the microphone is on.

Lapel MicrophonesLapel Microphone

These microphones are wireless and offer the best audio for most scenarios, particularly presentations. Typically, the “pack” is worn on the belt, or tucked into an inside pocket out of sight. While you will generally find the “pack” and lead are already connected, should you need to connect them, the silver end of the microphone lead pushes down onto the silver connector on the “pack”, locking into place.

The microphone end of the cable is clipped to an item of clothing around breast pocket height along the sternum. A tie, shirt front, jacket lapel or similar provide good options. Positioning a microphone like this allows for optimum pickup of a voice at conversation level.

There is an on/off switch on top of the microphone “pack”. A red light indicates the microphone is on.

Other Microphones Options

We can mix and match types of microphones in different rooms for special events or different event formats, such as group presentations, or panel discussions etc

We have microphone stands where we can mount microphones for Q&A sessions and we have options for boundary microphones, which can capture audio from several people seated around a table, for example. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

General Microphone Etiquette

Avoid hitting or banging on microphones which are switched on. The resulting sound is often far more audible to others in the room or on a video conference than it will seem to you.

Similarly, you don’t need to shout or raise your voice to use any of our microphones. The audio levels in our rooms are preset so as to provide a comfortable audio experience for the audience while ensuring adequate audio is also delivered through the Video Conferencing and Lecture Capture systems.

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